math of the future: fewer computers please

Posted in math on December 21st, 2006 by fabienne

memory, all alone in the moonlight

i’m not sure if i disagree with this prediction out of frustration because i’m much more of a fan of pure math or if i truly believe the contrary. for me, applied math brings back memories of bunny population problems in calc 4 aka ordinary differential equations. if the future really brings a blurring of pure math, i would hope it would do so more because mathematicians collaborate and reason across disciplines.

it seems sort of a safe prediction to me to say that the advent of powerful grid computing will help mathematicians solve problems in fancier ways. that’s a cop out because software will still be buggy, hardware will still deteriorate, and ultimately it’s down to the programmer/mathematician to code something up that would help her. grid computing has some incredibly cool applications, putting together huge high def photos being one of the coolest, but it’s not a band-aid for boring old problem solving and proof writing.

i think the whole thing smells of the math vs. comp-sci department debates that happened halfway through the last century. perhaps i’m just a jaded girl with a math degree, but please if you are making predictions for the future, spice it up a bit!

technorati killers, all of us

Posted in blawging on December 19th, 2006 by fabienne

as i mentioned two blog posts before, we are going to kill technorati with this link fest. perhaps we are going to trick google’s sensitive linking algos — we will all be labelled as spammers by the end of the week.
chris tagged me, (the chris whose last name i tragically mispronounced at netscape-a-palooza), so now i have to sprint across the virtual field away from others in hopes that i don’t lose this game of tag. without any further ado, five things you unfortunately might not know about me:

1. i don’t remember learning how to read music and i played classical recorder before clarinet.

2. i had each year, on average, zero to one friends before the age of eighteen.

3. i hate having wet socks more than anything in this world.

4. i have credits on a movie that is listed on imdb, but i never worked on the film directly.

5. the next language i want to learn is mandarin. (that makes language number five if you count latin, four if you don’t, and no i didn’t count programming languages in there)

because i’m not a huge hater of technorati and because i think this silly meme has lasted long enough, i’m not passing it on. yep, that’s right, i lost this proverbial game of tag.

wreath building and soup making

Posted in food, travel on December 19th, 2006 by fabienne

open in the dark comparison

apparently all it took was a few days away from my normal environment to turn me into a veritable craft and bake-a-thon. i built a wreath out of the leftover boughs from the tannenbaum (and even added a red fabric bow with stitches on the back to keep it from flopping apart). last night i even made a leek/potato/celery root soup from scratch. apparently it was a hit. lesson 1: step away from the computer while you can. lesson 2: have your family document your every move so you can blog about it later.


Posted in blawging on December 19th, 2006 by fabienne

so when internet chain letters attack, i think spammers are behind them. now with this list 5 things blog meme, i’m pretty sure someone wants to take down technorati. think about it: if everyone links to everyone, technorati ingrown links will multiply like the pennies in that infamous doubling puzzle. i bet someone is already writing a whitepaper about this meme.

workshop time change for 23c3

Posted in berlin, conferences, hardware hacking on December 2nd, 2006 by fabienne

please note the workshop i will be conducting at the 23c3 in Berlin, Germany has incurred a time change. the new time for the Wifi Backpack Strap hardware hacking workshop is:

11:30 – 13:45 on Day 1, December 27th
full information about the workshop can be read in this earlier post: