working on the bed project

bed project: box of the right side

sometimes projects take longer — much longer — than anticipated. one such project is the bed project, aka the bed project from hell. well, today, on my first day off that came consecutively after another day off, i managed to get back into a woodworking mood. it helps that i no longer have people over after a rash of houseguests, but the two consecutive days off were the clincher. thanks dear employer, i couldn’t imagine getting things done without this highly esteemed gift: the weekend. (if that sounded sarcastic, it wasn’t, i love my job and yes i do love my new two consecutive days off!)

pictured above: what i finished today is the right hand frame of the bed, all of this will be covered with foam and dark grey fabric and will fit on the frame/legs that i completed months ago.

pictured below: the frame (that came with a mirror) that will be the frame of a purple tufted satin headboard mounted landscape-wise behind the bed.

frame minus mirror

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5 Responses to “working on the bed project”

  1. Rachel Says:

    This is incredible! I’ll be linking to it later today!

  2. david Says:

    This is just mad impressive!!!!

    Good design work!

  3. Jesse Says:

    This bed is amazing, you did a wonderful job. I was curious, with all the open space under those boxes, did you leave a door or opening where you could possibly utilize that area as storage? I love having large areas to store stuff like to keep the rest of the house clear.

    Wonderful job, it looks great, I love the low lamps framing the bed. Very symmetrical. Hope to hear from you.

  4. asia Says:

    Is it difficult to make this bed daily?

  5. Tonny Noergaard Says:

    I really like your bed and thinking about making
    one just like it.
    If you have any blue print or sketch I can use
    please share with me

    kindly Tonny

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