little bash script for grabbing photos off my canon eos 400d

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i'm a gadget hound

note: works on netbsd, not necessarily elsewhere, you will need the “progress” application, a port for linux is located here. the european canon eos 400d is the same as the american canon rebel xti and the japanese eos kiss digital x. this script doesn’t care what model you have, and may very well work with other canon cameras or even other brands, as long as you change the memory card location (/dev/sd0e in this example) and the camera’s proprietary directories (/DCIM/100CANON in this example) to the correct names for your camera.

#bash script for grabbing photos from canon eos 400d on my netbsd with a progress bar

/sbin/mount ~/dev/sd0e ~/mnt/cf/ || exit 1
date=`date ‘+%m_%d_%y’`
size=`du -kc ~/mnt/cf/DCIM/100CANON/ | tail -n 1 | cut -f 1`
mkdir -p ~/photos/$date &&
(cd ~/mnt/cf/DCIM/100CANON && tar -cf – *) | (cd ~/photos/$date && progress -l “${size}k” tar -xf -)
/sbin/umount ~/mnt/cf

you should be a creative commie too

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[photo collage on the greenhouse effect by fipsy]

i was slogging through the backlog of blog posts on my rss feed reader (ah two months offline it’s a wonder i survived without rss feeds *ironic tone*) when i found that a few people left comments on my flickr photos to note they had used a photo under the creative commons license. the best one is shown above, a gorgeous remix (my photo was used for only the ocean part, be sure to click through for all the annotations about cc photos used for the collage) and check out the website with annotations about the greenhouse effect using this huge collage as illustration. i get a kick out of every time someone uses one of my photos as is or remixes it! creative commons may be one of the best uses of a hyper-networked and hyper-blogging society. thanks eliot for clueing me in to the beauty of cc a couple of years ago.

[pictured below: eliot sporting a cc logo shirt on a recent visit to berlin]

creative commie under a blue umbrella

configuring cgd on netbsd

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not enough keyholes

i followed this chapter on cgd for netbsd, but there were a few places where i got stuck and i thought i’d just note them here in case i (or other peeps out there on the interwebs) try to do this again. these notes are in order but be sure to use the cgd chapter. these are more like guidelines anyway.

– to boot into single user mode, reboot then when netbsd is counting down right after the bios, press any key to stop the countdown and then type boot -s to boot in single user mode

– one doesn’t need to use dump to get data off, use netcat + tar to copy to a remote machine (a good option when you don’t have an external drive or cd burner). so on the machine where you want to install cgd, once it’s in single user mode, run:

# tar -czvf – | nc servername port

and on the machine where you are receiving the data:

$ nc -l -p port > file.tgz

– when you are trying to edit partitions with disklabel, know that disklabel on netbsd supports interactive mode with -i and that it isn’t in the disklabel man page at all. to delete the data partitions you want to move to cgd, first launch disklabel in interactive mode, then pull up a partition by typing in the letter of the partition, then choose “unused” for filesystem type, start offset of zero, partition size of zero, then repeat for the other partitions you want to delete, then choose W for write and yes to confirm “label disk?”. that will delete the partitions you need.

– when you need to recreate your new partitions after scrubbing and configuring cgd with a passphrase, run disklabel again in interactive mode and put back the partitions you had the first time following the sizes and names of the partitions from your backup of disklabel you did before starting this whole process. make the new partitions of type 4.2BSD, not ccd. make the partitions in the order in which they were from your original disklabel backup to make adding each one easier (the start point is just the letter of the partition that comes before).

– to copy your data back, use tar and nc in reverse, but you may have to copy apps from /rescue to get things to work and be sure to save your original nc in a place where it won’t get wiped (i.e. save it in /tmp when you are scrubbing your data). when using tar be sure to add the flag to preserve permissions, otherwise you will get some wonky behavior everywhere. vi may be missing so you will need to use cat to edit your fstab and >> to append the cgd=YES line to rc.conf.

other than that, the cgd chapter is quite complete. can i get a w00t for encrypted hard drives please?

sockapalooza socks sent off

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panda cotton bamboo lace

these red panda-cotton elfine socks [warning pdf] are now on their way to a recipient not so far away from me (some sockapalooza socks travel around the world). i am now thoroughly obsessed with this yarn (55 percent bamboo, 24 percent cotton, 21 percent elastic) and have it in a plethora of colors; i even have enough for a black lace cardigan. so farewell lovely red socks, i hope your recipient will enjoy wearing you as much as i enjoyed knitting you.

a belated sp10 thank you

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sp10 final package

EDIT: My memory is complete mush, i completely forgot to include the fact that Knitting Vintage Socks was in the package as well. *slaps forehead*. I went through it with a fine-toothed comb and I am going to try some of the different toe and heel techniques. Thanks again deknit!

so i want to publicly thank my fabulous sp10 spoiler, deknit. the last package was amazingly spot-on to what i like: a lovely asian style bowl with bamboo shoots, some hip chewing gum, delicious tea which i have been savoring, and a skein of Wollmeise in colorway Tiefer See (deepest sea). the best thing is that i get to meet her at the Knitters Uncensored Benediktbeuern PJ-Knit Party (yes that is the official name of this get-together, if it were in German it probably would be strung together into one word: die UnzensiertStrickerBenediktbeuernSchlafanzugStrickenParty). so ms. deknit be prepared for a big in-person thank you for spoiling me during sp10!

and i'm back.

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…on the interwebs of doom!0101!! has it been crazy being away for almost two months after 24/7 web usage for 2 years? hellz yeah, but frankly i didn’t miss what i thought i would miss. what i wanted the most were online how-tos (aka how the heck do you make A work on B). the irony of that is that i haven’t had time to write any of those for the last year, so yeah, i now realize that is the most important “feature” of teh interwebs: writing the unwritten manuals. this past week i was communing with nature, migs, and hackers. it was a rocking time, you should have been there. if you were there, then you are probably glad to have re-found civilization and a hot shower by now.

if you are wondering what a massive net outage for two months would be like based on my personal two months away, it would likely cause:

A. mass book sales

B. people to horde documentation, digital and otherwise

C. mesh networks for local communication and file transfers to be popular

D. cellphone use would go up (if cellphones networks aren’t also down, but they would likely fall along with bank networks and other stuff so the scenario of just web servers going down isn’t realistic in the least)

E. mass panic

i think i may go offline for a few weeks at a time every year, i think it took a bit of the crazed edge off my addiction. my advice is that you do the same.