3g net with nokia e70 on a macbook with os x

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finally something that works. i got my nokia e70 to work to share 3g over bluetooth with my macbook. i followed the how-to over here. following the instructions there i grabbed the nokia 3g scripts from Ross Barkman’s page and used the “NOKIA 3G CID1” script. then to make it work with base (my ridiculously cheap flatrate 3g provider), i used:

telephone number: internet.eplus.de

account name: eplus

password: eplus

now i’m off to wander the streets, connectedly of course.

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what is luxurious to me may be frivolity to others, but i know what i like. when i was in nyc for the win get-together in 2005 i shared a bottle of Strub wine at a korean restaurant with my co-bloggers. little did i know that i would eventually end up living in the country where the wine was from and be able to order a half case of it for the same price as the whole bottle in new york. this is the second time i’ve ordered Strub and have to say that despite the fact that they use screw tops, the wine is excellent. the box of bottles is sitting in the hallway along with the bajillion other bags and boxes of stuff that will need to eventually be unpacked in our new place. yes we are officially moved in!

japanese books and cashmere

the other luxurious items to arrive during the move were these two japanese knitting books and some posh yarn 4ply 100 percent cashmere for socks for myself. i have joined a kal for the “let’s knit” japanese series. i am firstly going to swatch for sweater number 7 in let’s knit 12. the other book is a beginner book for knitting gloves and mittens. i particularly like the step-by-step pictorial instructions (helpful since my japanese is non-existent). the cashmere with its lovely muted blue, violet and green is aptly named “stormy sea” and is, as expected for cashmere, incredibly soft.

scotch filled chocolate

lastly on this list of luxury, i present to you, the scotch-filled chocolate. this is yet another reason i need to visit switzerland again soon, to be able to marvel at the incredible chocolate choices. for now i will rejoice in the fact that my local grocery store is temporarily carrying this scotch-filled confection. i hope your weekend is filled with your own luxuries, small or expansive, and that at least you are accorded the biggest luxury of all: some free time.

it's just a letter in the mail, to a bsd jail

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my email is back up and running on a new server so no outages will occur when the net cuts out of the old apartment in a few days. also, if you haven’t already, please update my gpg key in your mail program as it was changed on the 3rd of october. if you don’t use encryption yet, don’t be intimidated, start to read about gpg here.

no penguin left behind

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no penguin left behind

even though tux isn’t actually running around inside most of the machines at home, he is still a cuddly mascot (i haven’t counted lately but i think over half have a beastie inside). moving, ah yes the sweetly glorious grass-is-greener-3-floors-up routine. my personal email is also being migrated so if you get some stuff that bounces in the next week or so, that’s why. ok back to painting and email server configs.

w00t for oatmeal

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w00t for oatmeal

in the morning nothing is tastier than a bowl of oatmeal and a hot cup of peach flavored white tea. that is all.

[disclaimer: i love goopymart‘s artwork but cafepress‘ quality sucks big time (update: quality is fine :) in the newer cafepress mugs). the mugs stain impenetrably with tea or coffee and the tshirt print quality is crap for the price. goopymart however has his/her stuff under a creative commons license so contact the artist then print your own.]

post-camp activities

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so keeping with my semi-reverse chronology, before a’dam, before the rock concert in paris, there was camp. but after camp there was post-camp. at our place we hosted dan and dave and eliot and bre (eliot and bre shown above waiting for the u-bahn).

we did some power touristing and managed to fulfill greg’s dream and shoot a video podcast in the same afternoon. well, bre shot the podcast and then edited it brilliantly as he is wont to do. i just talked. dave was dubious about the powers of the kitteh:

hello kitty dave

but in the end all anyone wanted was a good german beer and a hot shower after a week of camping with hackers. some of us were too enthusiastic with our shouts of Prost! and there was a bit of a glass mishap (pictured below). come back soon guys, i had a blast.

a violent toast

a'dam: handwriting recognition and knitters

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add white wine

when i was in amsterdam a few weeks ago (for work, consulting and to deliver some birthday socks), i received some gifts including the mint condition newton pictured above. it’s gorgeous, and i want to thank j-m for it profusely. i also received two classic macs with a ton of accessories to finally hook up my quicktake 100. j-m also brought a working ibm 5100 “portable computer” as show and tell. i sincerely appreciate this astounding vintage gadget generosity!

while in amsterdam i managed to stop by a knitting get together (pictured below and here). i met some lovely knitters including the adorably snarky andy and klozknitz (she was knitting pomatomii).

add white wine

the first afternoon i arrived (i traveled by train and i wasn’t alone on the return trip to berlin, otherwise i would not have been able to lug back two complete mac classics with accessories), it was sunny and i got to shoot a bit with my dslr. sunny a’dam rocks.

rows of orange rectangles

soupe aux poireaux

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add white wine

my mother snipped a recipe last winter for a leek and potato soup, aka “soupe aux poireax”. i don’t remember where the recipe was from but i do remember it made a lovely fragrant soup. my variation that i made for dinner this evening is here below:

>> soupe aux poireaux <<


one large leek
a half dozen small potatoes
one large onion
3 TBSP olive oil
a half cup dry white wine
one vegetable bouillon cube
salt and pepper to taste

chop the leek (for those of you unfamiliar with leeks, you should not eat the leaves, chop them off and put them in your compost bin), potatoes and onion and add to a large heated saucepan with the olive oil. when slightly browned add a half cup to a cup of dry white wine.

add white wine

add vegetable bouillon mixed with a few cups of boiling water to the pot. add salt and pepper to taste. pour yourself a glass of the wine and let the soup simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.

add white wine

when potatoes are tender, use a hand blender to process the soup, but leave some parts chunky. serve with toasted Krustenbrot (aka crusty wheat bread for those of you outside Deutschland) or croutons. bon app! (bon app is the french diminutive of Bon Appétit, aka good appetite aka enjoy your meal).

add white wine

easy like sunday afternoon

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pictorial inspiration

the postman woke me at 9 am yesterday to deliver me ms. broket‘s the gentle art of domesticity. despite the surprise at being awoken after only a few hours of sleep, i went back to my warm bed then last night grabbed some lemons from my corner store. today i pulled on some hand-knit socks and baked up the “Natural Lemon Cake” from page 248. i modded the cake with silken tofu + vanilla soy milk instead of cream, some sunflower oil instead of melted butter and i added the juice of two lemons instead of one.

while the cake was baking i pored over the gorgeous pages of her book, marveling at the colors and textures and ideas. my favorite snippet so far is from page 116: “Embedded in the gentle arts is a slyly subversive streak that encourages free thought, individuality, creative self-expression, imaginative thought processes and not a little self-determinism. All this, and a great deal of pleasure, too.”

i stuck my amaryllis out the window to chill while perusing the pages of tulips and dahlias and lilac blooms. the cake finished, and though it didn’t rise as nicely as i had liked (i have no idea what self-rising flour is in german, i should have added more baking powder), it was delicious. for a modern and fresh take on the domestic arts from knitting to baking and back again, be sure to pick up this enchanting tome.

print o' the wave and the gentle art of domesticity
[my in-progress print o’ the wave couldn’t help but model with pages 154 and 155]

socktember begat socktober

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rainbow firestarters

another day, another f.o. (finished object for those of you non-knitting-blog peeps). pictured above: firestarters in posh yarn rainbow colorway finished last night (info here). it seems that last month i finished three pairs of socks (pictured below), and this month has one pair done so far. this month was supposed to be all about socks, but it seems i was a month too early.

i also realized that the last six pairs of socks i have finished were not for me (nine if you count the three pairs of baby socks), so the next pair will be mine. and what will that pair be? i’m swatching for thelonious in louet gems pewter.

entrelac sock
budgie feather socks

obnoxious sea cucumber socks