we have – we have – we have net-splosion


we finally have net again. i hate our “premium-alternative” isp. i spent hours (much to my coworkers’ chagrin) literally yelling on the phone to try to get our case escalated. we pay for business class service and we got the worst customer service i have ever experienced (and that is saying a lot since i used to be an att customer in new york city). anyway, now the bandwidth is back and i can upload to my heart’s content. so pictured here is a scarf i made from my own handspun, from merino dyed by the lovely andrea. i’ve been quite ill (not from lack of internet but it may have been stress-induced from spending an hour a day on hold with incompetent nincompoops) and the only thing i could do was stay in bed and knit plain ol’ stockinette.

yesterday i managed to step out of bed long enough to sort some stash and make a decorative window display. yeah my brain goes on vacation when i am ill, but it can still sort out colors.

bowls of fiber

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