email up and email down

Posted in blawging on December 19th, 2007 by fabienne

just a quick note to say that if you wrote to me in the last two days and i haven’t replied, please write again. a bunch of email was lost after the server went back up again (after two days of down time) and it seems that it hasn’t made it through to me. i have just gone through and replied to all the email i did receive, so if you haven’t heard back, i’m not ignoring you, just please write again.

subtitling t-shirt

Posted in hardware hacking, wearables on December 17th, 2007 by fabienne


i’ve wanted a t-shirt that has subtitles (either in the same language or with semi-simultaneous translation). eliot brought a bunch of fun stuff with him including an lcd kit (which was a pain to interface because cu on netbsd wasn’t cooperating and neither was winblows, but eventually got it working with both hyperterm and a 3rd party mac app, though with two different usb to serial converters). right now i’m fighting sphinx to get it to work (on anything. seriously. a-n-y-thing.) the instructions for getting the training sets going is thorough, but why isn’t there any info showing how to use one of their example programs like sphinx_continuous? i feel like i’m stabbing in the dark with the flags settings, but i am determined.

i also took apart a pcmcia / compact flash adapter and confirmed that the wiring is in fact just straight through with no extra components (one side pictured below). the next step is to cannibalize a pcmcia slot from a pci card and a cheap cf card. before anyone writes to tell me that a cf to pcmcia adapter and a pcmcia to cf adapter both exist, yes i know but i need one that is folded so that it is compact for a zaurus.


a little exhibit

Posted in berlin, spin on December 6th, 2007 by fabienne


last weekend on saturday we had an open day at the k:ita and i displayed some wool and circuitry. thanks to all who passed by, even in the freezing un-heated conditions and despite the window-rattling audio from the installations on either side of my studio. thanks also for those who brought me heat, those who brought me drinks, and those who came to chat and pet some wool and circuitry.