berlin half marathon results

Posted in berlin, running on December 15th, 2009 by fabienne

Back in April I ran my first half marathon. I live blogged it with twitter and twitpic as many of you may have followed along. Here is the archived race report dredged up from the dregs of internet history (had to grab my back tweets from twitter history, maybe you just want a local backup of your last 3200 tweets, I used dacort’s easy one liner unix command).

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13.1 miles, 21.08 km: berliner halbmarathon

Posted in berlin, running on January 21st, 2009 by fabienne

so i signed up for the Berliner Halbmarathon, aka the Berlin half marathon, on April 5th. today I jumped into a 12 week training schedule (pdf of my training plan here, created with the nike+ site which i don’t especially enjoy using), a week and a half late. after last year’s 10k training (blogged here here and here), it’s nice to be back on some sort of prescribed workout plan. this morning i had to replace my garmin forerunner 50’s battery, (followed this) as well as my pedometer foot pod’s battery. today i tried out my new running gloves for the first time, they made such a difference against the cold. here is a shot of the ice from my run today:

but luckily it was just a three mile jaunt, not a 7 miler like tomorrow has planned. the half marathon will be the longest race i’ve ever run (and trained for), and i’m hoping to have fun in the process! also i am back on the less-of-a-crummy-diet bandwagon: less booze, less junk food vegetarianism, more protein and veggies and rice and all that good for you stuff. rumor is we are getting an elliptical trainer at the office this month, so i will be able to log the shorter runs at work.

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