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Hi, I’m Fabienne Haas (formerly Serriere) and my nickname is fbz. I am a futurist at heart, but one who believes that the future should be present during the present. I split my time between parenting, hardware hacking, future fabric prototyping, ham radio (K7FP), photography (portfolio here), obsessing about prime numbers, and adding to my vintage and modern gadget collections. I ran a project called KnitYak, computationally derived knitwear on an industrial knitting machine, up until late 2020.

At my last position from March 2012 through September 2013, I worked as a sysadmin for a managed hosting company on storage cluster architecture, deployment, and monitoring at the German company SysEleven. From the spring of 2006 I worked for Netscape.com as an Anchor on the new collaborative news site. From Fall of 2005 I blogged for the Weblogs, Inc network for various blogs under various topics including hardware hacking, open source tech, and more.

My how-tos: Engadget

Other how-to’s by me and some hacking posts: Hack-A-Day

My apple related posts were on tuaw.com when it still existed.

Before working for Weblogs, Inc. I worked for IRCAM, an audio research facility in Paris, France as a software developer for the Musique Lab 1 and Musique Lab 2 projects. The Musique Lab suites are destined for educational use in the French public school system (Education Nationale). My time at IRCAM from October 2004 through September 2005 was rich with collaboration among my various colleagues at the research facility.

From August of 2001 to April of 2003 I worked for a sixteen channel sound art gallery in Tribeca, NYC called Engine 27. At Engine 27 I continually aided in up keeping the constantly growing collection of computers, audio hardware, and peripherals. From July of 2002 until December of 2002 I served as Engine 27’s technical director. I later worked doing research and development for the cutting edge facility in subjects such as subwoofer research.

At NYU I attended the Masters Program in Music Tech. Projects of mine while at NYU include a wacom tablet spatializer written in Max/MSP, various CSound coded audio projects, and a HitClip DJ Mixer rendered in hardware with an optional java audio interface. I edit my audio projects in ProTools as well as Sonic Solutions. I feel quite at home in a recording studio.

Previous to moving to New York, I attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. I completed two degrees in May of 2001: a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. My music degree allowed me to pursue clarinet playing at a professional level. A short description of my musical highlights follows. My senior recital’s performance of William O. Smith’s “Five Pieces for Clarinet Alone” as well as my junior recital’s performance of Muczynski’s “Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano” were extremely satisfying. As part of the new music concert series “ensemble 20/21” I performed in a live chamber music version of Steve Reich’s “New York Counterpoint.” I always adore performing the “Adagio” from the “Concerto in A major” by Mozart. My first publicly performed composition, Cloud1 (1999) was based loosely on my impressions of clouds in fast forward reflected in a puddle. A quadraphonic piece I composed, TreeLove (1999) was performed during a recital in May of 2000. TreeLove presents soundscapes of oceans and forests composed entirely of vocal fricatives and poetry.

My degree in mathematics occurred simultaneously with my degree in music. I taught college students algebra and trigonometry in University of the Pacific’s tutorial center during the entirety of my undergraduate years. Some of the projects I worked on for my math degree include creating 3D visual study aids coded in LiveMath for second semester Calculus courses and researching the use of hypergraphs in cellular phone technology. I would consider myself a musical mathematician rather than a mathematical musician.

I am a long distance runner and have competed in races since joining my high school cross country team in 1993. The last race I ran was the Avon Frauenlauf 10K in the spring of 2008   Berlin Half Marathon in April 2009 10K at Les 30eme Hivernales du Racing Club de Bruxelles on the 7th of February 2010. During my first two undergraduate years, I raced at the collegiate level (NCAA). Another sport I particularly enjoy is rock climbing. During the spring of 2001, I climbed three days a week with my rock climbing partner at Granite Arch Climbing Center in Rancho Cordova, California. I also enjoy open ocean swimming, scuba diving, low impact yoga, and pool swimming.

I work equally well on Mac OS X, Linux and BSD platforms. My friends come from all walks of life, but each of them specializes in creativity. I love cooking up a storm and sharing food with good company. Some collections I maintain are legos, various vintage and rare gadgets, and great underground trip hop. I am a technologist at heart, and a musician at hand.

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