twenty years of vegetables

In the summer of 1996, I was between high school and college, at a summer camp for the performing arts. Quite a few of my fellow campers were vegetarian or vegan and had strong opinions on living without meat. After the four weeks with them, I thought making a switch from being an avid meat … Continue reading twenty years of vegetables

the orchidarium

tonight at the IoT meetup in berlin, i presented the orchidarium, a co-project built over the last couple of years by skytee and i. the orchidarium is a Wardian case for the modern nerd home. here are the slides for the talk: orchidarium slides [pdf] it’s been purring away at home for about 1.5 years … Continue reading the orchidarium

algorithmically morphing scarf

Fresh off the knitting machine is this algorithmically morphing scarf with a pattern that changes by one pixel in each repeat. The software was made by Laura Kogler and used by me with the hacked Brother KH930 I currently have. Laura Kogler’s pattern generator script is meant for mosaic knitting but I knit it as … Continue reading algorithmically morphing scarf

blog clean up

after a long break in posting, has moved to a happy new wp hosting that i am administering myself, and has had a bit of a facelift. those of you who have followed this blog for more than a year will notice that it looks a lot like it did 2 years ago. yay … Continue reading blog clean up


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