blog clean up

after a long break in posting, has moved to a happy new wp hosting that i am administering myself, and has had a bit of a facelift. those of you who have followed this blog for more than a year will notice that it looks a lot like it did 2 years ago. yay for a new css of shinyness and all that!

the other big news is that i am living in cologne (germany) now full time, the 3rd annual hardhack happened and there will be even _more_ hardhacks this year as subconferences of other conferences.

i am currently helping found a fablab in cologne called Dingfabrik (a factory that makes things) which you can follow on twitter (feed in german) if you are interested.

Remembrance: Markie Hoekstra

photo by Mark Hoekstra, remixed by fbz, used under a creative commons by-nc-sa license

I don’t even know if I can begin to write this post, but I feel obliged to share a few thoughts on Markie leaving this earth. His untimely death was shocking and I will miss him immensely. Markie and I first met virtually through some photos of bunnies he had taken of What the Hack. We then met in person at the first EuroOSCON held in Amsterdam (photo above is of us from the second EuroOSCON in Brussels). Markie upheld all that is hardware hacking, tinkering, modding, open source, and of course maintained an incredible (working!) vintage hardware collection. The news that he had passed away came just as many of us were creating some crazy interactive projects for the Mediamatic RFID Hacker Camp in Amsterdam last week. He had participated in the camp the year before, so many of us there knew Markie. I was not only saddened by the loss but spurred on to build something fabulous that he would have been proud of. Markie, may your spirit live on with loads of vintage gear, open source platforms, and green alligator clips.

updating my nokia e70 and — eek — joining twitter

phone on head

i held off joining twitter for a long time mostly because i felt a bit of social network fatigue after leaving the web2.0 world a year ago. now i need your recommendations for the best twittering tools: one for desktop use, one for my nokia e70. what i’m looking for:

– a desktop tool that pulls twitter messages in some sort of coherent fashion so i can see the difference between messages that are aimed @ me, in reply to me, private to me, and just general tweets. i hate that all those are just blobbed together into one big feed. yuck. the formatting should be different for these different types of messages so that i can easily reply to the ones i want to reply to. right now it feels like some sort of evil stream of consciousness. so what’s your favorite app for sorting out your tweets? it should be open source and *nix compatible and not a webapp. it can be a plugin for pidgin or a jabber client add on. i sifted through the twitter fan wiki list and couldn’t find a darn thing that fits what i’m looking for. suggestions? drop me an email or a tweet.

– a twitter client for my nokia e70 that rocks. i have an unlimited data plan. if i can find a winblows machine around somewhere i may even upgrade the firmware on my phone this week.

which brings me to my next project, integrating my e70’s voip over my cellular data plan with an asterisk system at home and my sip byod service with broadvoice. i have some friends that are already running similar scenarios and i am late to the party on this as well. more details on that when it’s up and running.

virtually real


irl no longer applies. irl used to be the way for some of us to discern between “in real life” and “online” friendships and relationships. at this point in time an overwhelming percentage of my relationships (friendly, business, or otherwise) are what i would have termed virtual ten years ago. i have had face time with my immediate family on average three times a year for the last few years. almost all of my close friends live in a city other than mine, and some live on another continent.

for me irl is no longer valid because all of these long distance relationships are now part of my real life. we may keep in touch via chat or email or texting or rss feeds or comments on photos and blog posts. with some people i even have some sort of voice communication, made cheaper by the fact that i was an early adopter for voip with standalone sip hardware. some of these people i have yet to see in meat space and others are people i gather with at the same gps coordinates perhaps once a year or once every two years. i have meaningful personal and business relationships with people from all of those categories.

it’s interesting that the term irl is no longer valid to describe my interpersonal relations, and i have a shrinking suspicion that perhaps it doesn’t apply to you either.

the stuff power bloggers dream of


there is a meme going around, about first name google lust. check it. well it helps a little i’m sure that my first name IS the name of my site. on the other hand, i was a tad worried last year when i hadn’t hit the first page of fabienne on nor now i’ve hit page one on both and i’m aiming for the number one spot in all three. if you think about it, it’s harder for me to get number one on .fr and .de because my first name is actually semi-common out there. that, and i don’t really blog in french or german at this point. the really hilarious part of all this is that i haven’t done a darn thing except blog. seo’s eat your heart out. being [in]famous in the interwebs is deceptively simple: just keep creating content.

sweet sweet commenting

tesla quote

comments are finally enabled. yes they are a bit crude (everyone is labeled anonymous so leave your name if you do want me to actually know who you might be).

oh and if you already knew about this before i posted, either i told you or you are more in the know than most. *cough* twitterers *cough*.

email up and email down

just a quick note to say that if you wrote to me in the last two days and i haven’t replied, please write again. a bunch of email was lost after the server went back up again (after two days of down time) and it seems that it hasn’t made it through to me. i have just gone through and replied to all the email i did receive, so if you haven’t heard back, i’m not ignoring you, just please write again.

it's just a letter in the mail, to a bsd jail


my email is back up and running on a new server so no outages will occur when the net cuts out of the old apartment in a few days. also, if you haven’t already, please update my gpg key in your mail program as it was changed on the 3rd of october. if you don’t use encryption yet, don’t be intimidated, start to read about gpg here.

no penguin left behind

no penguin left behind

even though tux isn’t actually running around inside most of the machines at home, he is still a cuddly mascot (i haven’t counted lately but i think over half have a beastie inside). moving, ah yes the sweetly glorious grass-is-greener-3-floors-up routine. my personal email is also being migrated so if you get some stuff that bounces in the next week or so, that’s why. ok back to painting and email server configs.