future fabrics tonight at dorkbot berlin

fiber led

tonight (monday jan 28th starting at 20uhr) i’ll be giving a presentation at dorkbot in berlin called “future fabrics: construction techniques for wearables with flexible and washable circuitry”.

subminiature led

i’ll show some felted led fabrics, knitting and spinning with electronics and i’ll show some step-by-step ways to build your own circuits into wearables and washables. entrance is 5 euros, but the c-base (where the event is being held) is always a good place to support. hope to see you there.

subtitling t-shirt


i’ve wanted a t-shirt that has subtitles (either in the same language or with semi-simultaneous translation). eliot brought a bunch of fun stuff with him including an lcd kit (which was a pain to interface because cu on netbsd wasn’t cooperating and neither was winblows, but eventually got it working with both hyperterm and a 3rd party mac app, though with two different usb to serial converters). right now i’m fighting sphinx to get it to work (on anything. seriously. a-n-y-thing.) the instructions for getting the training sets going is thorough, but why isn’t there any info showing how to use one of their example programs like sphinx_continuous? i feel like i’m stabbing in the dark with the flags settings, but i am determined.

i also took apart a pcmcia / compact flash adapter and confirmed that the wiring is in fact just straight through with no extra components (one side pictured below). the next step is to cannibalize a pcmcia slot from a pci card and a cheap cf card. before anyone writes to tell me that a cf to pcmcia adapter and a pcmcia to cf adapter both exist, yes i know but i need one that is folded so that it is compact for a zaurus.