Apple Quicktake 100

raised apple logo

I found this Apple QuickTake 100 at a flea market in Berlin while visiting Germany for the IFA conference last week. It was piled under crockery and rusty whisks on a very long series of folding tables all covered with boxes and boxes of loot. The vendor thought I really wanted the Rollei camera I had in my hand so he threw in the QuickTake and another Soviet era made-in-the-GDR standard film camera with my asking price. The QuickTake powers on and takes photos after some serious cleaning on my part of the corroded battery terminals. Now all I need is a serial cable and a copy of OS 7 or a unix port of the drivers to make it work. It has 1mb of internal memory, and no slot for memory cards. This adds up to 12 photos at the high resolution of 640×480 and 24 at the lower resolution of half that I believe. Steve missed out yesterday by not announcing an update to the QuickTake.

fits in your hand

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