february socks: TechGuy socks in regia 5097

zigzags of red

i finished the second TechGuy sock today. w00t! my s.o. has quite long feet, so it was no easy feat (har har). if i make him socks again, they will be with a thicker weight yarn to obtain a less stitch-intensive gauge. if you are yearning to knit your first pair of socks, and you’ve never knit in the round, i would recommend grabbing a book or two from your local library before attempting this. i managed to figure it out, but i did undo the first heel three times. now i’m inspired: the next pair will be for myself. i’m thinking i will try toe-up construction to obtain the longest sock possible out of the yarn on hand and may include some fancier stitches to keep myself from getting bored.

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