green, as in gross

Betsey Johnson fall 2007 ready to wear

Fall 2007 fashion shows have come and gone, but there are a few things I would have rather not seen from the designers. The onslaught of black, while tedious at times, was classy compared to some of the hues of green and yellow designers chose. The kelly mohair or angora number above by Betsey Johnson is really tame compared to Prada’s vomit-inducing green skirt/olive socks combo topped by the drab grey, shapeless cardigan pictured below. I love green, please don’t make me change my mind.

Prada fall 2007 ready to wear

While Dries Van Noten’s previous collections were probably an inspiration for the somber Fall 2007 palette seen from other designers, Mr. Van Noten barfed up the yellow number pictured below.

ew yellow

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