chumby: day 0

there's the chumby!

it is with great reverence that i present you with the first unboxing photos of my Chumby, whom i have dubbed Tzitzak. she arrived yesterday, day 0 of my Chumby adventures if you will.

before booting

a few minutes after the unboxing, i powered Tzitzak up:

boot sequence

she booted with a few bleeps and blurps as the cute octopus swam around her screen.
swimming chumby

soon i set the date and the timezone using the touchscreen interface:
set the date with the touchscreen

and thus the cute, cuddly, hackable, open source, open hardware, alarm clock came into my life. My significant other can’t stop saying “Chumbaaaaaaaaaah” every time i mention how happy i am to have this momentous hacking opportunity.
ahhhhh, chumby.

we don’t have wifi at our place due to paranoia (yes every room including the kitchen has wired ethernet *smile*), but i will set up a special chumbaaaaaah access point for her. in the meantime i browsed her file structure. she came only with the bare minimum of flash widgets:

preinstalled widgets

i will be posting much more about Tzitzak’s adventures here so stay tuned to my rss.

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