german yarn and german beer

oh the colors

last weekend i travelled to münchen to see the wollmeise in person along with bockstark and elem. i had such a lovely time capitulated by diving head first into a huge pile of wollmeise yarn at a spring market. i can’t emphasize how incredible it is to be able to see the hand dyed colors in person and compare and contrast. elem and bockstark were so awesome in person, it totally made my day. they recommended an awesome vegetarian restaurant and the victorian house for some lychee + peach tea (yum). they both must have thought i was a lunatic for my constant yarn and knitting babble, but frankly i don’t have much of an outlet at home what with the lack of weekly knit groups and such in my area (perhaps i should start one?). and before you think i bought too much sock yarn, three of those seven skeins are not staying with me, and the other purchase was worsted weight for a sweater.

i was hoping to finish my wild berry zinger socks before travelling there, but i finished late saturday night, after i saw the wollmeise and bockstark + elem. they started as two-at-a-time toe up stockinette socks to see how much i could squeeze out of a skein of wollmeise, but they ended up as knee socks because i ran out of leg before i ran out of yarn. what better place to finish some german sock yarn socks than in a beer garten in münchen? i now have seven skeins of wollmeise sock yarn in my stash, four from this weekend, and three from earlier, and two finished pairs of socks for myself. i can’t wait until my entire sock shelf is filled with these gorgeous colors.

when in munich,

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