take me there: the outer hebrides

Soay sheep on Hirta

[photo of soay sheep on the outer hebrides by Commonorgarden under a creative commons attribution-nonCommercial 2.0 license]

i’m posting this since it has been a while since i did my last take me there post, and since bobbi is running an sp10 contest as to the best travel destination for some knitting. personally i don’t mind knitting in an urban environment but because of my love for all that is insular, i nominate the outer hebrides. i’ve never been to scotland and the outer hebrides has some very interesting local ecology (beyond even the rare sheep) as well as some fantastic islands to chill out on. oh yeah and the knitting rockstar starmores hail from there, minor detail. now for the contest questions:

1) what do you pack to knit?

i would definitely pack plenty of sock knitting including knee highs and probably a larger piece like a blanket or heavy wrap or a large sweater to work on to keep my lap warm in the local climate of the hebrides.

2) what do you hope to shop for?

starmore yarn, locally spun wool, and local patterns.

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