why does the house smell like coffee?

second package from my sp10!

the second package from my secret pal arrived today! i love the wrapping: so colorful and cheery. for the life of me i couldn’t figure out why the house smelled deliciously of coffee, i hadn’t made any since the last houseguests left a week ago. well, the answer is that my secret pal included some amazing coffee in my package. i had left the package on my desk chair while i was out this morning and the smell is still lingering. i think i’m going to make myself some right now! thanks secret pal! also in the package was some yummy hand dyed german sock yarn and a pattern (printed out and put in plastic page protectors!) for some socks that will look great with this beautiful rust/blue/green/purple yarn. the mix cd is titled Knit & Rock and includes beck, the shins, arcade fire, belle + sebastian, and wilco to mention a few. rock! also included was a perfect black cassette tote bag (my pirate bag is dying a slow death full of holes and has been mended and safety pinned together and now barely serves as a ping pong paddle bag for the park). some lovely stitch markers and a blue row counter and some yummy citrus bath gels round out the package. thanks so much secret pal!

w00t for loot!

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