a year worth of socks

sock mosaic

i started knitting again on january 24th of last year, and since then have knit 15 pairs of adult sized socks, and a ton of baby sized socks as well. two pairs were completed this past week. one was a pair i started to have some airplane friendly knitting on bamboo double pointed needles, here shown below still on the needles. full info on this pair here.

socks on needles

the other pair were a pair that gave me a bit of a headache in more ways than one. they were first started october 13th, and thusly are the slowest pair of socks i have knit as i finished them today. i don’t think i love this pattern, mostly because it kicked my butt not in a friendly way, but in more of an annoying older sibling way. i don’t think i will ever knit this pattern again, but dang they sure look good when they are finished! here are my Thelonius socks in all their glory (ravelry page here):


ten of the fifteen pairs (and all of the baby pairs) have gone to homes other than mine. i like to think people have some happy feet. also it pains me to say that all the pairs i knit for other people went 10 times faster than the pairs for myself! it just goes to show that i am definitely a knitter, not just a scarf knitter, but a full-fledged knitting obsessed wool addict. that, and i will never have cold feet.

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