too k00l for sk00l

this weekend i made my second trip to the Rechenzentrum — a sand-filled club on the Spree on the outskirts of Berlin. the photos here are from the first trip about three weeks ago when it was considerably less crowded. the club consists of a beach portion with a UFO style prefab structure (unfortunately not open to the public). dj’s spin on the beach portion and inside the rotary-phone-bedecked interior section.

this past saturday was a tad disappointing because the dj’s on the interior weren’t really feeding the crowds desire to dance. outside there was some sort of audio malfunction which resulted in one functioning mono set of speakers on the left. needless to say, my quest for perfect audio and danceability didn’t go so well. the atmosphere and crowd thankfully made up for any and all deficits of this venue. i ran into more than a few friends who had been there since the afternoon soaking up the rays on der Strand. if you want a hip, though remote, place to hang this summer, the Rechenzentrum is where it’s at.

too k00l for sk00l

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