"hardware hacking on the cheap" at girl geek dinner amsterdam

nokia audio

i’ll also be giving a presentation at the girl geek dinner amsterdam next week on april 10th. if you are interested in attending, sign up info is on that site. if you are a guy, a girl that attends has to invite you. reverse sexism? perhaps a little, but it should be a fun evening. which reminds me, last week in vancouver at cansecwest, there was an after party that had more women than men, and all the women were geeks. that was the first time i can ever remember that happening naturally. i can’t wait until that is a common occurrence. say hi in amsterdam if you are around on the 10th.

“building the future” at re:publica


i’ll be giving a talk at re:publica on friday here in berlin, come hang out and see what projects are on my life-long to do list. it’s nice to be back in town, somehow home is not just where the bandwidth is. i have plenty of stuff to blog about and a plethora of pics to share from my last three weeks of travels, more on that later. hardhack has a sign-up form, and the workshop list is shaping up to be incredible. in the meantime, come say hi on friday at re:publica.

future fabrics tonight at dorkbot berlin

fiber led

tonight (monday jan 28th starting at 20uhr) i’ll be giving a presentation at dorkbot in berlin called “future fabrics: construction techniques for wearables with flexible and washable circuitry”.

subminiature led

i’ll show some felted led fabrics, knitting and spinning with electronics and i’ll show some step-by-step ways to build your own circuits into wearables and washables. entrance is 5 euros, but the c-base (where the event is being held) is always a good place to support. hope to see you there.

post-camp activities


so keeping with my semi-reverse chronology, before a’dam, before the rock concert in paris, there was camp. but after camp there was post-camp. at our place we hosted dan and dave and eliot and bre (eliot and bre shown above waiting for the u-bahn).

we did some power touristing and managed to fulfill greg’s dream and shoot a video podcast in the same afternoon. well, bre shot the podcast and then edited it brilliantly as he is wont to do. i just talked. dave was dubious about the powers of the kitteh:

hello kitty dave

but in the end all anyone wanted was a good german beer and a hot shower after a week of camping with hackers. some of us were too enthusiastic with our shouts of Prost! and there was a bit of a glass mishap (pictured below). come back soon guys, i had a blast.

a violent toast

and i'm back.


…on the interwebs of doom!0101!! has it been crazy being away for almost two months after 24/7 web usage for 2 years? hellz yeah, but frankly i didn’t miss what i thought i would miss. what i wanted the most were online how-tos (aka how the heck do you make A work on B). the irony of that is that i haven’t had time to write any of those for the last year, so yeah, i now realize that is the most important “feature” of teh interwebs: writing the unwritten manuals. this past week i was communing with nature, migs, and hackers. it was a rocking time, you should have been there. if you were there, then you are probably glad to have re-found civilization and a hot shower by now.

if you are wondering what a massive net outage for two months would be like based on my personal two months away, it would likely cause:

A. mass book sales

B. people to horde documentation, digital and otherwise

C. mesh networks for local communication and file transfers to be popular

D. cellphone use would go up (if cellphones networks aren’t also down, but they would likely fall along with bank networks and other stuff so the scenario of just web servers going down isn’t realistic in the least)

E. mass panic

i think i may go offline for a few weeks at a time every year, i think it took a bit of the crazed edge off my addiction. my advice is that you do the same.

update 3 billion and 57: workshop not cancelled

up close

so because of so many wonderful people who have written me in the past two days with names and model numbers of devices they are going to bring (oh yes it is going to be a crazy mix of interesting dsl modems, routers, ethernet switches, and even some rare gadgets), we are going to have a solder fest on sunday. see you at ph!

in celebration of all the people that wrote me here is a little contest: if you are the first person who writes me (my email is fabienne at this website) and correctly identifies the circuit that is on the breadboard in the photo above (no not the type of microcontroller, that’s too easy), you win a wifi backpack strap kit.

ph-neutral custom serial and j-tag cables workshop


if you are planning to come to ph-neutral and you want to make a serial and/or jtag cable to interface with your dsl modem or other device in my workshop, please let me know as soon as possible so i know how many participants there might be. i am purchasing parts on my own and it would be nice to know if, say, fifty people versus fifteen will be interested. i will probably start a few hours earlier than 14:00 on sunday, so show up earlier to get a head start. no there will be no charge (to stay within the everything-is-free-at-ph spirit), but you do need to bring the device for which you want serial or jtag cables and documentation and probably a laptop and a usb-to-serial converter. the full workshop description including what to bring is here. if you have any questions whatsoever, send me an email: fbz at this website.

Workshop for the 23c3 in Berlin

inside of wifi detector we'll be hacking

I will be giving a hardware hacking workshop at the 23rd Chaos Computer Congress, aka the 23c3, in Berlin, Germany (exact location: 52.520693,13.416452) on the first day of the conference, the 27th of December from PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE 11:30 to 13:45 (11:30am to 1:45 pm). This workshop will be a hands-on workshop where attendees will repurpose an existing wifi detector into a soft housing that can be velcro-ed around a messenger bag strap or a backpack strap. When I built this project the last time, I built everything into the backpack strap. However, today’s world with vacillating fashion trends and frequent security checks demands more flexibility. The wifi backpack strap will therefore be removable in this newest iteration. There is a flickr tag for the project which goes into a bit more detail about the materials you will receive with payment for the workshop (about 35 euros / 45 dollars).

The materials for the project include: a wifi and spy wifi detector, usb cable to recharge batteries, rechargeable batteries, and a handy wrist strap which you can use for something else, black techie fabric pre-stitched with velcro closure, el-cheapo soldering iron, solder, bits of cable, glue gun to borrow, needle + thread, screwdriver to borrow, and the materials for squishy switches (foam, aluminum foil, paper, wire, silver conductive paint).

There are only about 30 seats in the workshop room, so attendance will be limited to that many. Also, if you prefer to use your own materials, by all means contact me to reserve some space in the workshop room and let me know what brand wifi detector you will be bringing to hack and if you need any other tools. To register with me for the workshop, please contact me using “mail” @ the name of this site with the subject of “23c3 workshop”.