and i'm back.


…on the interwebs of doom!0101!! has it been crazy being away for almost two months after 24/7 web usage for 2 years? hellz yeah, but frankly i didn’t miss what i thought i would miss. what i wanted the most were online how-tos (aka how the heck do you make A work on B). the irony of that is that i haven’t had time to write any of those for the last year, so yeah, i now realize that is the most important “feature” of teh interwebs: writing the unwritten manuals. this past week i was communing with nature, migs, and hackers. it was a rocking time, you should have been there. if you were there, then you are probably glad to have re-found civilization and a hot shower by now.

if you are wondering what a massive net outage for two months would be like based on my personal two months away, it would likely cause:

A. mass book sales

B. people to horde documentation, digital and otherwise

C. mesh networks for local communication and file transfers to be popular

D. cellphone use would go up (if cellphones networks aren’t also down, but they would likely fall along with bank networks and other stuff so the scenario of just web servers going down isn’t realistic in the least)

E. mass panic

i think i may go offline for a few weeks at a time every year, i think it took a bit of the crazed edge off my addiction. my advice is that you do the same.

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