don't buy this suitcase by c.comberti

don't buy this suitcase from c.comberti

this carry-on sized suitcase made by c.comberti was the result of a long search through two department stores and a luggage store. my last small carry-on suitcase, a 30 dollar black no-name brand from chinatown in nyc, lasted four years before the wheel housings broke. this new fancy blue one is something you don’t want to buy.

1. the main zipper is of such poor quality that it catches and doesn’t zip at certain places, and not only when the suitcase is stuffed.

2. the front pocket is too deep and unpadded.

3. there is a hard plastic hook on the back which presses into your thigh when carrying the suitcase up and down stairs. the hook caused a bruise on my leg.

4. the pull out handle is rickety and looks like it may break.

verdict: don’t buy this suitcase.

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