technorati killers, all of us

as i mentioned two blog posts before, we are going to kill technorati with this link fest. perhaps we are going to trick google’s sensitive linking algos — we will all be labelled as spammers by the end of the week.
chris tagged me, (the chris whose last name i tragically mispronounced at netscape-a-palooza), so now i have to sprint across the virtual field away from others in hopes that i don’t lose this game of tag. without any further ado, five things you unfortunately might not know about me:

1. i don’t remember learning how to read music and i played classical recorder before clarinet.

2. i had each year, on average, zero to one friends before the age of eighteen.

3. i hate having wet socks more than anything in this world.

4. i have credits on a movie that is listed on imdb, but i never worked on the film directly.

5. the next language i want to learn is mandarin. (that makes language number five if you count latin, four if you don’t, and no i didn’t count programming languages in there)

because i’m not a huge hater of technorati and because i think this silly meme has lasted long enough, i’m not passing it on. yep, that’s right, i lost this proverbial game of tag.

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