take me there: dellis cay

dellis cay

i’m going to start a new feature here called take me there. first up is dellis cay: an island in the turks and caicos. the island is renown for its seashells and relative obscurity. i found zero shots in flickr, and no info in wikipedia. knowing my childhood obsession with islands and seashells and sailing, i’m fairly sure a visit would be a safe bet. add in modern architecture and i think i can stay for quite a long while.

i saw the island thanks to Harry at MoCo Loco who highlighted the architectural marvels being built there by the likes of Zaha Hadid et al. if you go to the dellis cay site please be forewarned that the annoying flash presentation about the astounding architecture will take over your entire monitor. google maps wasn’t responsive with a search for the island so i am linking to their coordinates instead. i figured out which island was dellis cay thanks to a map here.

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