sock-making thou art tricky.

not that ugly

i suffered a couple of major setbacks in my mission to make some pairs of socks (cursedly inspired by the seemingly simple TechGuy socks). the knitting stores conspiratorially closed early today so i sprinted and managed to grab both the yarn and the double pointed needles required to make socks.

my first mistake was losing one of the five double pointed needles from my smallest set five minutes after opening the package causing me to curse and rummage around the house only to find the missing needle a half hour later nestled in my g4 keyboard right in front of my face. the second mistake was thinking that i should force myself to switch over to continental knitting with this piece instead of my usual gimpy style. thirdly i picked out aluminum double pointeds which apparently are not recommended for lam3rz like me. the aching in my hands is a testament to the pain of knitting in a new way with tiny gage thread on slippery needles, not to mention sharp double pointed knitting in the round.

at least i have the satisfaction of knowing that i may move beyond my huge collection of scarves to something a little less beginner. i’m embarrassed each time someone brags about a scarf i made them, because frankly before today i didn’t have the faintest idea how to read a knitting pattern. you hear that scarves? you have been demoted.

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