learning to knit

pink scarf and i

1) How old were you when you learned to knit?

i started knitting around age 8, then i had a scarf phase in 2003/2004, and since january i’ve been in a sock mode. in between those manic periods there was zero knitting.

2) Who taught you?

my mom taught me to knit around age eight with a crazy purple and yellow scarf (that she found again a few weeks ago while cleaning). i was sort of a perfectionist and over achiever then and i moved on to multi color intarsia (see an example from that period here) which i learned from a library book. a couple of decades later the incredibly soft mohair from La Droguerie in paris called to me and i made a series of huge needled scarves for people (pictured above is me in 2003 with one of those but with vintage pink italian mohair which i have since ripped and it is back in my stash) and then i put down the needles for another few years. lately i have been blog-taught in the ways of sock knitting addiction. next up: fiber optics and interactive controllers in knitting.

…and hi Bobbi, *smile*, thanks for taking the time to take care of our rather large and widespread sp10 group.

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