spring was all bundled up in a package

first package from my secret pal!

oh secret pal, you totally made my week. when weeks get crunchy (you know what i mean, that chewy bad sort of crunchy when the universe seems a bit like it is imploding directly in your direction and you also have a nasty cold? yeah that crunchy), getting a fabulous unexpected thing or two in the mail is just the pick-me-up. my secret pal sent me this wonderfully spring-ily wrapped package of happiness and BAM didn’t the sun just pop back into the sky.

i unwrapped each piece (while on the phone much to the amusement of the person on the other end of the line who chuckled at the funky robotic noise artifacts the crinkling paper made when my voip provider‘s codec processed it) and lo and behold the contents were awesome. first check out the very cute mini knit sock keychain:

sock keychain

and the rest of the amazing package:

all unwrapped... so awesome

…the contents being:

– a lovely blue-striped journal i will be sticking all of my knitting notes in

– wild berry zinger tea which has already inspired some socks

– a beautiful mug, much needed around here the only two in the cupboard have been so loved they are a bit sad

– some prym bamboo double points, which will come in handy for some upcoming plane flights with those nasty metal detectors

– two skeins of yummy soft blue jawoll! yes this will become a pair of socks with a crazy complex stitch pattern, i am sure of it.

– a very cute card and the aforementioned mini sock

So, Ms. Secret Pal, THANK YOU. you rock. yes. *ahem* You ROCK.

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