ugly ads

i want to see the picture

multimedia is great and everything, but wired can you please not allow popover flash ads on what is essentially an annotated slideshow? not only was the ad long (and yes i own more than one mac, but no i don’t want a popover mac ad), it refused to disappear. i had to click back and then forward again on the clunky “next image” navigation to see the picture of the awesomely cool robot in image number eleven. it’s a shame that wired allows this sort of ad, i tend to freak out if we have anything that pops over content at netscape. the sad thing about all of this is that wired’s content is about BLDGBLOG‘s science fiction and the city panel (and it was covered by annalee [whom i interviewed]), so you know it has to be great content. why do you have to plaster that with ugly ads wired?

p.s.: wired i’m not so sure i like your new homepage either.

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