a belated sp10 thank you

sp10 final package

EDIT: My memory is complete mush, i completely forgot to include the fact that Knitting Vintage Socks was in the package as well. *slaps forehead*. I went through it with a fine-toothed comb and I am going to try some of the different toe and heel techniques. Thanks again deknit!

so i want to publicly thank my fabulous sp10 spoiler, deknit. the last package was amazingly spot-on to what i like: a lovely asian style bowl with bamboo shoots, some hip chewing gum, delicious tea which i have been savoring, and a skein of Wollmeise in colorway Tiefer See (deepest sea). the best thing is that i get to meet her at the Knitters Uncensored Benediktbeuern PJ-Knit Party (yes that is the official name of this get-together, if it were in German it probably would be strung together into one word: die UnzensiertStrickerBenediktbeuernSchlafanzugStrickenParty). so ms. deknit be prepared for a big in-person thank you for spoiling me during sp10!

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