you should be a creative commie too

[photo collage on the greenhouse effect by fipsy]

i was slogging through the backlog of blog posts on my rss feed reader (ah two months offline it’s a wonder i survived without rss feeds *ironic tone*) when i found that a few people left comments on my flickr photos to note they had used a photo under the creative commons license. the best one is shown above, a gorgeous remix (my photo was used for only the ocean part, be sure to click through for all the annotations about cc photos used for the collage) and check out the website with annotations about the greenhouse effect using this huge collage as illustration. i get a kick out of every time someone uses one of my photos as is or remixes it! creative commons may be one of the best uses of a hyper-networked and hyper-blogging society. thanks eliot for clueing me in to the beauty of cc a couple of years ago.

[pictured below: eliot sporting a cc logo shirt on a recent visit to berlin]

creative commie under a blue umbrella

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