c'est pas d'la menthe a l'eau


the same weekend that i went for the rock en seine festival, gab and i went to the vogue exhibit at the bnf and then did a photo shoot on the esplanade of the building with bubbles. why bubbles? just because she had them. my favorite of the shoot is above, but there are plenty more.

while in paris i went by the anny blatt yarn shop in the marais (40 rue des francs-bourgeois) but it had closed a few weeks earlier. apparently the landlord did something tricky and awful and after 25 years, the woman who runs that shop will be running it out of her apartment instead. check her website for more info, i was just bummed i missed it by a few weeks. usually i go to la droguerie for a yarn fix, but i had already passed through earlier this year and have plenty of mohair and bamboo.

gab cheered me up when we realized neither the yarn shops nor the fiber optic cable shops were open. we had some pastries, i knit in public, and we ordered my favorite parisian over-priced cafe drink, the menthe a l’eau. we sipped our expensive minty freshness while gazing at the tour st. jacques, the longest restoration project i have ever known. whenever i drink menthe a l’eau i can’t help but thinking of the french band java when they sing:

java c’est pas de la menthe a l’eau
java c’est du rock’n roll
java c’est le vrai son parigo
la devise? sex accordeon et alcool


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