rock en seine resume

m.i.a. on purple

i’m what you might call very behind on documenting this summer’s activities, so i am going to be working in reverse chronological order. my sister bought me tickets for my birthday to go see rock en seine at the parc de st. cloud outside paris. m.i.a. (shot i took of her above) was awesome in person, and she noticed that the french kid crowd was a bit behind the times. my sister gab and i had a good time despite the crowd’s apparent lack of willingness to move to a song they hadn’t heard on the radio. after all who could have a bad time watching the shins, arcade fire, dinosaur jr. and the hives live? incidentally people seemed most into 2manydj’s despite them not really being a rock band, but they rocked in their own way and they were as well known by the crowd as arcade fire.

while gab and i rocked out, i got up the courage to take lots of photos of strangers, like the girls in the galoshes pictured below. gab even caught me in action snapping a bajillion photos. i was far from the only photographer, for every 20 people there was someone with a dslr shooting away. there were plenty of fashionistas and rocker kids sporting boots and silly hats. gab represented by wearing a devil hat (pictured far below), one which my mom sewed for a halloween costume over a decade ago. so thanks gab for a rocking birthday present, i sincerely enjoyed it!

cheery cherry galoshes


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