easy like sunday afternoon

pictorial inspiration

the postman woke me at 9 am yesterday to deliver me ms. broket‘s the gentle art of domesticity. despite the surprise at being awoken after only a few hours of sleep, i went back to my warm bed then last night grabbed some lemons from my corner store. today i pulled on some hand-knit socks and baked up the “Natural Lemon Cake” from page 248. i modded the cake with silken tofu + vanilla soy milk instead of cream, some sunflower oil instead of melted butter and i added the juice of two lemons instead of one.

while the cake was baking i pored over the gorgeous pages of her book, marveling at the colors and textures and ideas. my favorite snippet so far is from page 116: “Embedded in the gentle arts is a slyly subversive streak that encourages free thought, individuality, creative self-expression, imaginative thought processes and not a little self-determinism. All this, and a great deal of pleasure, too.”

i stuck my amaryllis out the window to chill while perusing the pages of tulips and dahlias and lilac blooms. the cake finished, and though it didn’t rise as nicely as i had liked (i have no idea what self-rising flour is in german, i should have added more baking powder), it was delicious. for a modern and fresh take on the domestic arts from knitting to baking and back again, be sure to pick up this enchanting tome.

print o' the wave and the gentle art of domesticity
[my in-progress print o’ the wave couldn’t help but model with pages 154 and 155]

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