soupe aux poireaux

add white wine

my mother snipped a recipe last winter for a leek and potato soup, aka “soupe aux poireax”. i don’t remember where the recipe was from but i do remember it made a lovely fragrant soup. my variation that i made for dinner this evening is here below:

>> soupe aux poireaux <<


one large leek
a half dozen small potatoes
one large onion
3 TBSP olive oil
a half cup dry white wine
one vegetable bouillon cube
salt and pepper to taste

chop the leek (for those of you unfamiliar with leeks, you should not eat the leaves, chop them off and put them in your compost bin), potatoes and onion and add to a large heated saucepan with the olive oil. when slightly browned add a half cup to a cup of dry white wine.

add white wine

add vegetable bouillon mixed with a few cups of boiling water to the pot. add salt and pepper to taste. pour yourself a glass of the wine and let the soup simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.

add white wine

when potatoes are tender, use a hand blender to process the soup, but leave some parts chunky. serve with toasted Krustenbrot (aka crusty wheat bread for those of you outside Deutschland) or croutons. bon app! (bon app is the french diminutive of Bon Appétit, aka good appetite aka enjoy your meal).

add white wine

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