spin span spun


some prettily turned wood arrived yesterday in pieces and became this:

kromski minstrel

which led to these:


which last night finished up as this:


yes i love my new kromski minstrel, and i can highly recommend wollinchen as she included all sorts of extras and color cards as well as turned around an order to my doorstep in less than a week. the two skeins in the middle pictured above are navajo plied, the two on the outside are two ply. they aren’t even, but the skein in the right is over 100 grams and today i think i spun another 50 grams of that alpaca/corriedale purple as navajo, and 80 grams as a thin 2-ply. i started with 500 grams of the alpaca/corriedale and i have 200 grams left. that combined with the 100 grams of bfl (red/black/white) means i spun up 400 grams yesterday and today. yes i guess that means my minstrel and i are getting along wonderfully. *smile*

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