day three: sock weight singles


yep this wheel wins a prize. i was hoping to have some semi-even sock weight singles in a month or two, but day three? holy mackerel i want to give hugs to the entire kromski family. thank you for making a gorgeous spinning wheel even a beginner can have fun on! in case you were wondering, there was another 50 grams or so of that purple alpaca/corriedale i spun up this morning before i attempted to break into the good stuff. my advice to beginning spinners (as i thoroughly AM a beginner, these last singles are in no way perfectly spun), do learn on a drop spindle first because it will make the first weekend with a new wheel so much fun. thank you thank you thank you Elemm for teaching me, and no don’t worry, i won’t send you the bill for the piles of roving i just bought off of etsy, but man, THANK YOU for a lovely obsession. (there is even an etsy indie dyer who at the moment is living in germany for those of you in deutschland, and she has GORGEOUS stuff).

spinning geek details:

– pictured above is a total of 72 grams (half of what i have) of superwash merino in the “scales and tails” colorway from vesper rovings

-spun on the slowest whorl on a kromski minstrel, spun worsted

-in some places i separated out the colors to make longer color runs and didn’t spin straight from the roving as it was dyed

-plied together it will make a fingering weight sock yarn

wheel and singles

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