The generosity of knitters

Now that I’m up and blogging again, I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the knitters in my life. Firstly, pictured above is some of the gorgeous PigeonRoof Studios fiber gifted to me by the ever-awesome Ms. B. That and another blue roving made their way into my stash so a huge Thank You for those!

Secondly, I have been gifted a bike from Erin as she was leaving. What an amazing gesture! Thank you Erin!

And thirdly, I received the SpinCycle handspun pictured below in a mystery package, until I realized that it was a thank you from Chris (aka ItsMyKnitInABox). He came to visit a few months ago and while he was here I sold him some of my bright green baby camel and merino handspun, which he knit into this. Rocking. So thank you Chris for this totally awesome gift! (I’ve already knit up the handspun he gave me shown below, photos soon.)

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