Bed Project documentation part 1: Inspiration

In the beginning, I saw some ad pages in some magazines. I thought “gee I really hate bumping into a hard bed, I want something completely padded, but modern looking”. I also knew that if my design were sound, I could build it myself DIY style, and still have it look professional. So these two images were my jumping off point for what I would eventually build. (Click through the images for the designers’ sites.)

I dubbed it the Bed Project, and off I went. I drew some mock-ups in SketchUp of my own version (screenshots shown below). You can grab my final design in the SketchUp file format here. I decided that the mattress should be more flush with the bed frame than in the beds I had clipped as inspiration. My idea was to also include enough clearance underneath the bed to allow for a robotic vacuum cleaner. To keep metal milling out of my DIY craziness, I sourced some 20cm metal bed legs from Ikea (the tallest version of these). In my final design, I kept the large bench on the side. The bench has turned out to be a great place for a laptop, as well as a spot for magazines and breakfast trays. In the next installment of the Bed Project documentation: practical woodworking.

9 thoughts on “Bed Project documentation part 1: Inspiration

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  2. hey mate,
    congratulations for the impressive work and thanks for sharing your experience.
    two questions: since you’ve been using the bed how durable do you think it will be? i’m mostly concerned with the wooden frame beginning to squeak and creak?
    second, the link to your sketchup file is invalid. could you repost or send it to me?
    many thanks,


  3. Hey Fabienne,

    I like your design very much.
    As I will move soon and my (cheapest Ikea) bed is already breaking down, I m looking for beds all over. My problem, the beds I like are too much expensive and the cheaper ones don`t look that good.
    Your idea to build it diy is a great alternative.
    Would be interesting to see the sketchup file, but the link doesn`t work.
    I would be very happy if you could send me the file.
    Can you also tell me how much you payed for the material all together?
    I know the worktime is not calculated 😉

    My mail:

    THX al lot

    PS: Seems you study something like interior architecture??? Just interests me cause I´m architect with a fable for interior design


  4. Hey,

    I have to join the requests for the sketchup file and would be very happy if you could send it to me.
    I leave my flat on the campus early next year and your bed seems just perfect for my new apartment.


  5. Any chance I could get the sketchups and pics fo the process as the links to alot of the pictures do not seem to work ….

    Amazing work

    Thank you JimJ


  6. What is the size of the mattress you used? Also, do you see this as easily dismantled and able to get around tight hallways and staircases? I had to dismantle a queen boxspring and reassemble it once; I had to dispose of it after a while because it began to squeak badly! Could I also please have a link to your plans?


  7. Do you still have the sketch up file by chance? I followed your link and said file not found. Awsome looking bed though. Actually i want to make one for myself. if you could please get back at me my email address is thankyou


  8. Hi Fabienne 🙂
    as with most of the folks on here… I too want a bed like this! I have researched and researched looking for steps and plans and details. I have come up with nothing that I like as much as this bed!
    I would be willing to pay a fee for the use of your designs! I plan on building the bed myself… Please send me an email as to your thoughts on this bed project that I’m willing to take on myself 😉
    thanks again for sharing your masterpiece!
    Michelle C.


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