here be dragons

look here be dragons

not only have i added a bajillion photos from this summer’s photographic efforts to my new photo home, i have also finally updated the cms for new features include a link from the at the top of each page, friendly text links, and a new, semi-b0rked rss feed. so to paraphrase house of pain, click up, click up, and click around, click up, click up and click DOWN. and, yes, i am painfully aware that commenting is still not enabled. it will happen very soon i promise! also new this week, i have been guest blogging over on hackaday. at least there you can leave me a comment (but beware of the nasty comment trolls, over there, there be dragons). *smile*

[photo above: random strangers at the jardin des plantes in paris pointing at a dragon built of recyclable materials]

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