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beaming at the wollmeise goodness

i fixed my rss feed code (please update your feed reader to this new friendly link, and to celebrate wanted to share some pictures from the trip to benediktbeuern (south of munchen/munich) two weekends ago. above from left to right are tini and ms. b in the foreground, and das schneeschaf in the background. ms. b is one of the terrific trio who make up the knitters uncensored podcast (they organized this get together in benediktbeuern), the other two are of course the eponymous elemm and the omg-she-cracks-me-up cashyie. pictured below are some of the worsted weights from the wollmeise (her new shop) which we got to fondle in person (the yarn, not the person, though claudia is the sort of person you want to hug spontaneously regardless of her yarn). the bottom photo is the lovely deknit, my sp10 upstream pal who sent me all sorts of amazing packages this past spring. she came all the way down from bremen (even farther north than berlin), so we are planning to meet up in the north of deutschland next time, since it would be much closer. in benediktbeuern we had fabulous weather, great yarn, great people, and yes, even for vegetarians in bavaria, good food.

worsted weight reds and oranges

worsted weight reds and oranges

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