c'est pas d'la menthe a l'eau


the same weekend that i went for the rock en seine festival, gab and i went to the vogue exhibit at the bnf and then did a photo shoot on the esplanade of the building with bubbles. why bubbles? just because she had them. my favorite of the shoot is above, but there are plenty more.

while in paris i went by the anny blatt yarn shop in the marais (40 rue des francs-bourgeois) but it had closed a few weeks earlier. apparently the landlord did something tricky and awful and after 25 years, the woman who runs that shop will be running it out of her apartment instead. check her website for more info, i was just bummed i missed it by a few weeks. usually i go to la droguerie for a yarn fix, but i had already passed through earlier this year and have plenty of mohair and bamboo.

gab cheered me up when we realized neither the yarn shops nor the fiber optic cable shops were open. we had some pastries, i knit in public, and we ordered my favorite parisian over-priced cafe drink, the menthe a l’eau. we sipped our expensive minty freshness while gazing at the tour st. jacques, the longest restoration project i have ever known. whenever i drink menthe a l’eau i can’t help but thinking of the french band java when they sing:

java c’est pas de la menthe a l’eau
java c’est du rock’n roll
java c’est le vrai son parigo
la devise? sex accordeon et alcool


rock en seine resume

m.i.a. on purple

i’m what you might call very behind on documenting this summer’s activities, so i am going to be working in reverse chronological order. my sister bought me tickets for my birthday to go see rock en seine at the parc de st. cloud outside paris. m.i.a. (shot i took of her above) was awesome in person, and she noticed that the french kid crowd was a bit behind the times. my sister gab and i had a good time despite the crowd’s apparent lack of willingness to move to a song they hadn’t heard on the radio. after all who could have a bad time watching the shins, arcade fire, dinosaur jr. and the hives live? incidentally people seemed most into 2manydj’s despite them not really being a rock band, but they rocked in their own way and they were as well known by the crowd as arcade fire.

while gab and i rocked out, i got up the courage to take lots of photos of strangers, like the girls in the galoshes pictured below. gab even caught me in action snapping a bajillion photos. i was far from the only photographer, for every 20 people there was someone with a dslr shooting away. there were plenty of fashionistas and rocker kids sporting boots and silly hats. gab represented by wearing a devil hat (pictured far below), one which my mom sewed for a halloween costume over a decade ago. so thanks gab for a rocking birthday present, i sincerely enjoyed it!

cheery cherry galoshes


here be dragons

look here be dragons

not only have i added a bajillion photos from this summer’s photographic efforts to my new photo home, i have also finally updated the cms for fabienne.us. new features include a link from the fabienne.us at the top of each page, friendly text links, and a new, semi-b0rked rss feed. so to paraphrase house of pain, click up, click up, and click around, click up, click up and click DOWN. and, yes, i am painfully aware that commenting is still not enabled. it will happen very soon i promise! also new this week, i have been guest blogging over on hackaday. at least there you can leave me a comment (but beware of the nasty comment trolls, over there, there be dragons). *smile*

[photo above: random strangers at the jardin des plantes in paris pointing at a dragon built of recyclable materials]

photos photos everywhere and not a pixel to drink

i'm a gadget hound

so just a quick update post while i am traveling to say that you may not have noticed that i have migrated to a new photo sharing platform. it’s not perfect, but at least private photos don’t have un-private .jpg files associated with them and permissions can be negotiated for more than two groups and sets of photos can be shared with passwords for people that aren’t a member of the site. so the updates you would like to know, instead of using tag, the new term is keyword and the feed of new photos is now found here.

[pictured above: a gorgeous unbuffed s-bahn was live in traffic a little over a week ago in berlin, this is a very rare sighting. parts of the work can be attributed to “fuck your crew”, the others not sure. luckily i was stepping on this beauty and fixed most of the light levels before stepping off the train and grabbing some shots.]

you should be a creative commie too


[photo collage on the greenhouse effect by fipsy]

i was slogging through the backlog of blog posts on my rss feed reader (ah two months offline it’s a wonder i survived without rss feeds *ironic tone*) when i found that a few people left comments on my flickr photos to note they had used a photo under the creative commons license. the best one is shown above, a gorgeous remix (my photo was used for only the ocean part, be sure to click through for all the annotations about cc photos used for the collage) and check out the website with annotations about the greenhouse effect using this huge collage as illustration. i get a kick out of every time someone uses one of my photos as is or remixes it! creative commons may be one of the best uses of a hyper-networked and hyper-blogging society. thanks eliot for clueing me in to the beauty of cc a couple of years ago.

[pictured below: eliot sporting a cc logo shirt on a recent visit to berlin]

creative commie under a blue umbrella

flickr censors germany

shedding flickr tears

it seems that flickr has started some serious censorship with the new language update that was rolled out today. the problem is that flickr usually allows you to set your own filters for photos that might not fit in with your personal tastes (i.e. photos that are sexy or graphic). well usually even if you have the “safe filter” turned on you can choose to click through to a photo. the choice to click through was taken away today from flickr members whose yahoo id’s are from germany, singapore, hong kong, and korea. members in those countries can only view photos that are deemed safe and can never opt out of the filter or click through to see a photo that has been flagged as not safe. the official word from yahoo about this non-ability to pass through the safe filter even if you are a pay member (aka pro member) of flickr is located here. heise wrote (albeit in german, english auto translation here) about the backlash that is in full force on flickr as i type this. this happens one day after flickr’s “24 hours of flickr in berlin”, (flickr tag here) part of a series of parties around the world and one day after yahoo’s shareholders (yahoo is flickr’s parent company) decide that it is ok for yahoo to censor sites in china.

che faro senza formaggio?

pizza capriccioso: feeling capricious

a pizza without cheese is still a pizza. a pizza consumed in rome is more pizza-ey than pizza itself. this past weekend’s visit to rome was intriguing. my s.o. and i went without expectations except to eat some delectable meals. unfortunately, the food wasn’t all that great. the stellar pizza pictured above was at a small pizzeria down the hill from the vatican museum entrance where we had lunch on our last day. by this time we had pretty much given up on the dream of great italian food; i was even ready to eat at an indian restaurant that afternoon. please don’t think i didn’t love the trip, but just be prepared to hunt a bit more than we did to find a great restaurant in rome.

january is rome’s off season but the town was still teeming with tourists. the locals zip raucously through the narrow streets and alleys on scooters and mini coopers (old and new) and mini buses. faded paint peels off the buildings and carved latin inscriptions remind one that rome thrived BC and not just AD. christian symbols in the form of crosses and framed saintly figures adorn the outsides of buildings. i don’t think i’ve ever seen as many nuns per capita as i did in rome.

taller than imagined

il colosseo (pictured above) was dark and dank while waiting in line under the lowest level of arches, but once we got inside the sky cleared up. it was smaller in size but taller in height than i had imagined. we went largely without any guidebooks or history in hand, mostly so i could shoot as many photos as possible, but also i think it’s nice to wonder what things are and learn about them later. the small piles of seemingly discarded capitals from columns found in various places throughout the city look more like architectural salvage lots than archeology sites.

i understood a lot more italian than i ever expected, probably due to the excessive study of operatic scores i undertook while working on my conservatory degree. thanks gluck, you helped me order pizza without cheese.